Germany is known for excellent and very successful medical services! There are enormous improvements in orthopedic hip and knee surgery especially in the recent years in german areas.The increase in numbers of hip and knee replacements and the frequency of such surgery in comparison to other countries is the subject of critical discussion in Germany. The overriding impression is that such surgery is performed relatively frequently in Germany

Knee replacement surgery is usually undertaken when osteoarthritis has resulted in the wearing down of the knee joint. In a knee replacement operation the worn out and arthritic parts of the knee joint are removed and replaced with a new, artificial knee joint. The new knee joint is called a prosthesis. Knee replacement surgery should improve an individual’s mobility, by reducing pain and improving the function of the knee joint. The most important is the development of so called surface-replacements in knees. Only a thin layer of the destructed cartilage and bone is removed from the joint surface and is replaced by the artificial surface of the prosthesis forming the new joint.

orthopedic surgery costs in germany

Knee replacement

Different types of knee prostheses are available. If the destruction of the cartilage is only on one side, medial or lateral, a partial knee joint replacement by a so called unicompartimental prosthesis can be performed. This guarantees quicker reconvalescense and a better range of motion of the knee joint. This method allows for a small minimalinvasive incision.

Elderly people often need to have the complete knee joint replaced. A full replacement includes a correction of the knee axis. Knee replacement usually requires a 2 week hospital stay. Additional rehabilitation of up to 4 weeks can be organized at a nearby rehabilitation clinic. For 6 weeks the use of crutches is recommended. If a patient suffers from a bilateral hip or knee arthritis and requires surgery on both legs, we recommend a highly effective and blood-saving surgery of both joints simultaneously.

Cost for following orthopedic surgery

Hip Surgery

  • Hip Replacement: from 8000 EUR
  • Hip Replacement for younger people using very high quality prosthesis to last (in many cases) many decades or a lifetime: 8800 EUR
  • Hip Resurfacing (New Form of Hip Replacement conserving most of thigh bone – suitable for younger people in particular): 9000 EUR
  • Minimum-Invasive Hip Operation: 8800 Euros
  • Revision Hip Operation in top orthopaedic facility: 12000 EUR
  • Girdlestone hip special surgery (stable arthroplasty – this operation will allow persons not eligible for revision operations due to re-infection risk etc. to walk fairly well using a stick and orthopaedic shoes): prices to be available shortly
  • Post-Op Rehab after Hip Replacement (10 days): from 1000 EUR
  • Alternative Option: Neural Therapy, Course of 10 sessions spread over 5 weeks.

Knee Surgery

  • Total Knee Replacement: 9200 EUR
  • Post-Op Rehab after Knee Replacement (10 additional days after the standard period of 12-14 days which already includes regular rehab and is usually sufficient): 1500 EUR
  • Knee Revision Surgery: 12500 EUR
  • Partial Knee Replacement: 7200 EUR
  • Bilateral Knee Replacement: 16000 EUR
  • Alternative Option: Neural Therapy, Course of 10 sessions spread over 5 weeks (can often help to become completely pain-free or have pain drastically reduced for many years): from 1200 EUR
  • Anterior Cruciate Ligament Repair (ACL): 4400 EUR (day case) – 5500 Euros (including up to 6 days of inpatient stay), revision operation: 6200 Euros (including up to 8 days of inpatient stay)
  • Meniscus Replacement: new option in cases of irreparable meniscus damage – 7000 Euro
knee replacment cost

Hip Replacement

Top Hospitals for Hip-Knee Replacement Surgery

ATOS Clinic, Munich

This is the popular center for the hip knee replacement orthopedic surgery. The ethos of the ATOS Clinic, Munich, is to provide first-class medical science with first-class patient service. With 20 of the world’s leading physicians, a highly-specialised support staff, and state-of-the-art facilities, this goal is well met. 14 specialised clinics offer patients highly focused medical care for everything from sport traumatology, anaesthesia and pain management, to rehabilitation and aesthetic surgeries. Doctors bring years of experience and unmatchable expertise to the diagnosis, treatment, and long-lasting rehabilitation of every patient. The highest standards of medical care come hand-in-hand with unbeatable comfort for all patients, as comfort is the most important part of a successful recovery. Extraordinary medical care means extraordinary results: the highest degrees of personalisation reduces treatment times to a minimum, while short, highly-specialised procedures result in quick, lasting recoveries.

Klinikum Friedrichshafen

This is the best clinics and center for hip knee replacement and other orthopedic surgeries in geramny. Over the years, an implanted prosthetic hip is exposed to many millions of alternating load movements. This can lead to wearing down of the prosthesis or even to weakening of the anchor-points of the prosthesis, which in turn leads to loosening of the prosthetic hip. In such a case, the prosthetic hip needs replacement. Due to the condition of the soft tissue and the bone, this procedure is often extremely demanding from a technical perspective. This makes it absolutely essential for clinics, such as our clinic in Germany, to offer a broad spectrum of treatment options and special implants, in order to be in a position to solve the individual problems of the various patients. Besides these factors, the experience of the surgeon also has a profound effect on the final result of the hip replacement surgery.