Pediatric Surgery at most popular hospital and centers in germany, is done by experienced specialists and modern treatment methods offering with a friendly environment to child and parents that contributes substantially to the healing process. The goal is pursued through conservative orthopedics, a high level of precision in larger or smaller operations and through technical orthopedics. You can visit some best hospitals in germany for pediatric surgery treatments like the Heidelberg University Orthopedic Hospital, is the largest facility of its kind in Germany. Each year, the centre conducts over 6,000 inpatient and more than 50,000 outpatient treatments, covering the entire spectrum of diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system.

In german clinics and hospitals, all kinds of diagnostic procedures and therapeutic approaches in acute lesions, acquired degenerative diseases and posttraumatic deformities are available. There is a special interest in pediatric orthopaedics, spine, sports medicine and in joint preserving as well as joint replacing procedures.In diagnostics, sonography, PC-based digital X-ray technology, instrumented motion and gate analysis are available.

Orthopedic hospitals/centers for pediatric surgery

Medical Center University of Freiburg

The Medical Center University of Freiburg is a member of the international group of experts engaged in the development of new kinds of implants and new operative methods. The Department of Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery applies the most contemporary treatment methods and the main research activity lies in the improvement of cartilage cultivation, biomechanical research and the maturation of new implants.Successful treatments are guaranteed through many years of experience in this field, thoroughly researched surgery and post operational follow-up methods. If preserving the joint is impossible, modern computer controlled prosthesis for the shoulder, elbow, hip, knee and talocrural joints are used to help.

Heidelberg University Hospital

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Orthopedic Surgery Treatments

The Heidelberg University Hospital is the largest orthopaedic university hospital in Germany hosting a 2000 m2 of research facility with cell and tissue engineering research labs, a biomechanic group and an animal facility for small to large animal models. Wiltrud Richter (> 135 publications, h-index 32, > 3100 citations) is director of the Research Centre for Experimental Orthopaedics and leads an interdisciplinary team of scientists including biologists, material scientists, bioengineers and veterinarian surgeons.

University Medical Center Freiburg

The University Medical Center Freiburg is the teaching hospital and part of the medical research unit of the University of Freiburg. The university was founded in 1457 by the Habsburg dynasty and is the fifth-oldest university in Germany containing over 20 thousand students of which 16% are foreign students.The medical center is one of the largest and most reputable in Europe, due to its extensive clinical capabilities and advances in research.

Klinikum Stuttgart Hospital

The German health system holds a leading position and Klinikum Stuttgart is one of Germanys largest modern hospitals.More than 50 clinics and institutes organized in four medical centers provide all specialties and a broad range of services.Klinikum Stuttgart as a maximum care hospital is staffed by specialists working hand-inhand along interdisciplinary lines. Every year, the four centers Brgerhospital, Katharinenhospital, Bad Cannstatt Hospital and Olgahospital treat more than 78,000 inpatients plus 420,000 outpatients.

German Specialists and pediatric surgeons

Tim Ulrich Leier, M.D. PhD

Dr. Leier is triple Board Certified in the United States: General Pediatrics, Pediatric Sports Medicine and Pain Medicine. In addition he is Board Certified in Orthopedic and Trauma Surgery by the German Orthopedic Boards.Dr. Leier holds a medical degree from the University of Hamburg and a Ph.D. from the Free University of Berlin, Germany.He received his pediatric training at The State University of New York, where he was selected Chief Resident. He received hisSports Medicine Training at Baylor College of Medicine, Pain Medicine Training at Harvard Medical School and Acupuncture Training at Stanford University.

Dr. Michael Vohrer

Dr. Michael Vohrer started his orthopedic career from 1996 to 2000 at the Department for Pediatric Orthopedics at the Seepark Klinik/ Langen-Debstedt near Bremerhaven/Germany, one of the most experienced Departments in Pediatric Orthopedics in Germany.