Explore the ranked hospitals and medical centers in Germany who specialize in orthopedic surgery are welcoming you to provide best surgical treatments at reasonable cost.

German medical tourism is getting popularity due to best orthopedic surgical skills and technologies. The research organizations work to spread the awareness about the use of cementing service in the service of the orthopedic community in germany. Specialist teams of highly competent and experienced doctors & surgeons, nursing staff, physical therapists and occupational therapists at some top and best orthopaedic surgery clinics and hospitals work day by day to design and implement the optimal treatment for each individual patient. Medical treatment is optimally complemented by the Technical Orthopedics Department, in-house orthopedic workshop for manufacturing prostheses (arm/hand and leg/foot), orthotics and bandages. Also complex orthopedic problems find appropriate solutions in german orthopedic surgery & medical centers. Explore the following list of high ranked hospitals and medical centers in Germany who specialize in orthopedic surgery are welcoming you to provide best surgical treatments at reasonable cost, below-

Heidelberg University Hospital

It is well known medical center and hospital in geramny for othopaedic surgery. Heidelberg University Hospital is one of Europe`s leading medical centers. The Spinal Cord Injury Center at Heidelberg University Hospital is one of a kind in Germany. The staff members are the only academic center in Germany that is uniquely dedicated to the treatment and research of spinal cord injury and its consequences, as well as teaching in this specialty. In addition this internationally acclaimed center for out-patient and in-patient treatment of patients with spinal cord injuries. The hospital ready to provide best orthopedic surgery procedures like traumatic spinal cord injury (for example, after a motor vehicle accident), non-traumatic spinal cord injury (for example, as the result of a tumor, inflammation or stroke), acute and chronic consequences of spinal cord injury (for example, pressure sores, spasticity, pain, bladder or bowel dysfunction). Every year, the staff of 145 cares for around 1,500 patients with acute or chronic spinal cord injury, of whom approx. 1,000 receive out-patient care. The Spinal Cord Injury Center has 62 beds in wheelchair-accessible one- to three-bed rooms with modern furnishings as well as a bathroom and shower. If desired, family members may be accommodated directly at the center or at the adjacent Kurt Lindemann House, a special facility for the rehabilitation of people with disabilities.

Best orthopedic surgery clinics in germany

German Orthopedic Center

Competent treatment by experienced interdisciplinary treatment team. You will receive care from neurologists, orthopedic surgeons, urologists, rehabilitation specialists, internal medicine specialists, anesthesiologists, radiologists and general practitioners along with specially trained nurses, technical orthopedists, physical and occupational therapists, speech therapists and psychologists. Comprehensive care under one roof. The close proximity to the trauma and spine surgery unit within Heidelberg University Hospital’s Department of Orthopedics allows rapid surgical treatment, for instance, to stabilize or decompress the spine.
Top-quality treatment according to international standards and the latest research findings. A combination of clinical care and intensive research, especially in the areas of neurorehabilitation and neuroregeneration. clinical studies investigating novel rehabilitative and regenerative therapies. A comprehensive rehabilitation program, including physical and occupational therapy, speech therapy, treadmill training including Lokomat, wheelchair training and introduction to wheelchair related sports activities.

Klinikum Stuttgart

This clinic provides care for patients with congenital and acquired disorders of posture and the musculoskeletal system. Each year, approximately 20,000 patients visit consultation or the outpatient department. Prof. Dr. Thomas Wirth, medical director, is fully authorised to conduct the full programme of continuing education for certification as an orthopaedist, as an orthopaedist/trauma surgeon, as well as the supplementary continuing-education programme “Specialised Orthopaedic Surgery” and “Paediatric Orthopaedics”. Treatment of children and adolescents affected by trauma – including the procedure for transitory treatment of the Employers’ Liability Insurance Associations is one part of range of services. The medical director has two years of continuing education in the trauma surgery field.

DRK Kliniken Berlin

The DRK Kliniken Berlin is a chain of five JCI accredited tertiary care hospitals in Berlin. The international department is experienced in handling foreign patients and can assist with all necessary arrangements. Every year more than 58,800 in-patients put their trust in the DRK Kliniken Berlin. At the department for traumatology and orthopaedics, offer the latest surgery techniques. Highly specialized and experienced doctors offer patients in need of orthopaedic surgery options on well-founded medical diagnosis combined with adequate therapy techniques. The orthopedic surgery doctors use arthroscopic and minimally invasive techniques whenever possible. This reduces rehabilitation time significantly and obtains better results. Professor Dr. Dr. med. Burkhard Rischke is a specialist in surgery, orthopaedics and trauma surgery specializing in microsurgical nucleotomy, spondylodeses, at decompression of stenosis of the spinal canal and interkorporal vertebroplasty/kyphoplasty as well as the intervertebral disc endoprosthetics performing more than 200 procedures using Prodisc® prosthesis per year. Since October 2009 he is the new Head of Department for Traumatology and Orthopaedics at the DRK Kliniken Berlin. His research focuses on tissue engineering and migration behaviour of hip prosthesis, where he received grants from the Charité.

University Medical Center Freiburg

The University Medical Center Freiburg is a modern medical center providing best orthopedic surgical treatments with different procedures and service. Freiburg is home to Freiburg University, one of the most important centres of othopedic surgery medical training in Germany. The city is the capital of Germany’s famous “Schwarzwald” or Black Forest. An area rich in nature, culture and tradition. Freiburg is easily accessible from Zurich, Basel and Frankfurt airports.